The Great Monastery Restaurant

záhlaví záhlaví

Beers from Matuška Brewery. The largest non-smoking restaurant in Prague, capacity 500 seats.

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  • WiFi

Velká klášterní restaurace for you

5 reasons why to hold a Christmas party with us

  1. no rental
  2. no time restrictions
  3. large dissected space, do not squeeze and left place for dancing or a program
  4. rich offer of themed programs
  5. excellent beer and world class cuisine – come and taste!

And more…

  • the largest non smoking restaurant in Prague
  • exclusive tap of Matuška Brewery (top Czech brewery)
  • organize your party with us completely according to your wishes
  • individual, personal approach - a price according to the number of people and your requirements
  • beer or wine tastings
  • roasted specialities: lamb, geese, pigs, etc.
  • the restaurant can accommodate up to 620 people with the possibility of separate lounge

Other services

  • Specialities in glass: homemade treats you can buy and take home with you
  • Production of desserts and cakes to order

Sezónnní nabídka

Krb ve Velké klášterní restauraci



  • Spring lentil salad with strips of pig ham on iceberg lettuce 5,- euro
  • Rabbit paté with rhubarb chuttney 5,- euro
  • Baked toast with fresh asparagus on green leaves 5,- euro
  • Spring salad with poached zander 6,- euro


  • Chicken caldoun with ragout dumplings, homemade noodles, vegetables Julienne 4,- euro
  • Spicy deer goulash soup with mushroom in home-made bread loaf 6,- euro


  • 200 g Roasted zander on butter, new potatoes and grilled vegetables 12 ,- euro
  • ½ Spring corn fed chicken with homemade stuffing, new potatoes, spinach leaves 10 ,- euro
  • 200 g Roast Veal ossobuco, spring carrots, creamy mashed potatoes 12 ,- euro
  • 200 g Roast lamb with vegetables, ½ boiled potatoes, ½ parsley rice 12 ,- euro
  • 200 g Deer burger with mushrooms, french fries 9 ,- euro
  • 200 g Hare with cream sauce, dumplings, cranberries 9 ,- euro
  • Variations cooked asparagus with new potatoes and hollandaise sauce 8 ,- euro


  • Plate of fresh strawberies with cream 4 ,- euro
  • Rhubarb cake with crumble 3 ,- euro

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